Here's how some of our clients feel about their amazing results with Conscious Choices:

"Seeing Carol has changed the course of my life in so many beautiful ways and given me the tools to challenge myself and keep evolving.  

Through the work I’ve done with Carol, my relationship changed as we (my husband and I) both addressed old emotional wounds, peeled off the layers of hurt, and stepped up to show up in a different way in our marriage. 

We just celebrated our ten year anniversary, and have Carol to thank for helping us get here, and setting us up with the right tools to last an eternity. 

Thank you, Carol. We love you."


"You have literally changed our lives, Carol, and are always the first person I go to in my mind whenever I feel the need for solace….

(Even if it means going inside and calming that frightened little girl who is terrified from time to time!!)" 


"Thank you for helping us save our marriage. We are better and stronger then ever.

Thanks for teaching me to feel my feelings and letting things go that needed to be let go of." 


"Thanks for all the support you have given both of us through the years. 

If not for your support and encouragement we may not have stayed together and I would not be in the most beautiful relationship with my best friend and most human and understanding partner."


"Since working with you, we have developed our marriage in such a positive way with love and respect because you have been a fantastic influence and taught us to see ourselves and our issues in a new way. 

It's a beautiful concept to start the day over if one of us hasn't shown up as our best self!" 


"We are stronger than ever, closer than ever and communicating more than ever. I feel our patience has grown and we handle stressful situations better."

"We have both been more aware and applying the tools that we have learned from you." 

 "I don’t allow myself to be in my head like I used to. I feel like we are now a team."


"Thank you for everything! 

You really did help save us and our beautiful family."