Relationship Survive or Thrive Quiz

Take This 20 Question Quiz and Find Out.

1. Do you spend regular quality time together; without kids, without tasks, without texting/emailing/social media-ing?
2. When you do have quality time together, are you comfortable in each other’s presence, even if there is silence?
3. Do you feel free to express your vulnerable spots with each other most of the time?
4. Do you feel free to express your preferences and desires with each other most of the time?
5. Do you feel free to express your discomfort with each other most of the time? 6. When there is conflict, is it ok for you to step away and take a “time out,” that is, a “pause,” to wait for the dust to settle?
7. If so, do you make it a point to return to the issue later when “cooler heads” have prevailed?
8. Are you able to not personalize your partner’s criticisms?
9. Can you both connect to your own Source of Love when the other does not show up the way you want them to?
10. Do you both use your connection to your Higher Power to guide you when you feel confused or uncertain?
11. Do you feel heard and understood most of the time?
12. Do you feel that you hear and understand your partner most of the time?
13. Do you each know how to pause and respond rather than impulsively react to your partner?
14. Do you look forward to seeing your partner after time away from each other? 15. Do you each lovingly give the other the space to do things with others?
16. Do you both feel satisfied with the things you have in common?
17. Would you both agree that there is more goodness and Light in the relationship than conflict and struggle?
18. Do you both know how to sit with discomfort, rather than quickly looking for a way to “feel better?”
19. Do you each only use sex, alcohol, food, work, entertainment, socializing as delightful complements to a full life rather than as distractions from feeling empty and alone?
20. Are you both able to forgive and accept yourselves, and each other, for your human imperfections?


If you have answered Yes to:
1-5 Question. Resuscitation Phase: Your relationship is in the Emergency Room. It is bleeding, but you are in the right place to begin to triage the situation. NOW is the time for triage, to clarify the hot spots, stop the bleeding and perform some surgery, so you can begin to start the healing process.
6-12 Questions. Critical Care Phase: Your relationship is in the ICU and in need of life-support, that is, an infusion of Essence. You are aware that your Ego Stories have been sucking the life out of your Relationship, but you need help to begin to clarify what they are so you can extricate yourself from them.
12-15 Questions. Step Down Phase: Your relationship is more stabilized, and you have the ability, you have begun to apply some medicine, some tools to start to heal the connection, you still need regular support for practicing with consistency on your own. You are already beginning to feel healthier and more hopeful. 16-20 Questions. Release Phase. Congratulations, your relationship has been released into health and well-being. If you are here, you already know the feeling of freedom and connection you have with your partner, and now you just need periodic reminders and ongoing maintenance to continue developing deeper intimacy with your partner. No matter what phase your relationship is in,

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