There was an intense full moon last night; I hope you had the pleasure of witnessing it, if not feeling the effects of it. Here in Naples, FL, the sky was crystal clear, and the moonlight washed over my yard like a blanket of light. It was beautiful…

Since sending out my first “Awareness Update” on Tuesday, I have had some great feedback from clients and friends (thank you all!). The most common response has been, “Wow, the timing couldn’t have been better!” This response speaks to the point of the Update perfectly. We are all in this together. The timing was right for my friends and my clients because the timing was right for me, too – we are sharing the same “time.” I am feeling it, just as you are. We all may have different ways of being in the world, and the particulars of each of our lives may seemingly look nothing alike, but this shift in our reality is happening to all of us.

As I write, it is still uncertain what will happen with the economy. President Bush spelled out the most recent “Rescue Plan” yesterday, and there is no way of knowing exactly how this and other nations’ plans will ultimately play out in the global market. We literally have to sit and wait.

Sitting and waiting is not something most of us Americans do very well. We are a nation with a “take charge, take action” mentality. Even if we personally don’t have the ambition to actually make changes, we live with the expectation of instant gratification. We also live with the fear that if we are not on top of everything, if we do not have a firm grip on the course of our lives, things will unravel and fall apart. The irony is that we have crammed so much clutter and chaos into our lives, it is impossible to keep it under control, and then it becomes true that if we let go and allow life to flow through us, the clutter and chaos will unravel out of control. However, our lives will not; rather it will unfold. The answer then, is not to hold on tighter, but rather to relinquish the clutter and chaos.

Simplify. Most of us are afraid to let go of the clutter and chaos we identify with. It has become who we are. But, the universe seems to be doing for us what we are afraid to do for ourselves. Clearing out the clutter. Removing complicated structures that do not serve us any longer. The time is now to come up with new ways of living, but we have to clear out the ways that don’t work any more. This is what we are experiencing – both in our personal lives, as well as throughout the world at large.

The lesson of patience is one I believe we need to welcome…Slowing down, pressing the “pause” button of our lives would do most of us well. We are being given the opportunity to stop the frenzy of our lives, and take a moment to truly BE in our lives, right now, as we are living it. If we are able to quit trying to control the outcome of situations that are simply out of our control, we are then free to be present with the only thing that really exists. The present. Right now. This moment.

Try this.
Take a moment right now.
Stop reading.
Close your eyes.
Take a breath.
Feel where your body is.
Notice where you are.

You have just interrupted the chatter that I guarantee was going on in your mind as you were perusing through your emails, answering the phone, making dinner, doing homework, cleaning the house, rushing to get to work, paying bills, reading this blog. For that one moment, none of those things existed. None of your fears, worries, concerns, anxieties existed. The only thing that did exist was you, breathing, being, feeling, in that moment. For that one moment you were paying attention to your breath, your body, you were not engaged in the stream of thoughts that constantly takes us for a ride into the future, or on a stroll down the memory lane of the past…For that one moment you were at peace. As brief as it was, you touched it. It is real. You have access to it whenever you want it. It just takes a moment of consciousness.

While most of you will not start a practice of daily hour-long meditation to reach a place of inner peace, all of you can take a moment, every time you think of it, to check in with that part of yourself that is at peace. Do it just like you did it right now. Stop. Close your eyes. Notice your breath. Feel your body. Notice your presence. That’s all. You may only remember to take that moment initially once in a week, but the more you do it, the more often you will remember, and the more often you will feel that place of peace…

Do you deeply connect with your spouse/partner? Are you truly present with your kids? Does your life feel meaningful? Are you angry at your parents/family? Does your work fulfill you? Are you comfortable in your skin? Can you sit with not knowing how things will resolve regarding your money, your possessions? Do you trust you have everything you need regardless of those “things?”

Slow down.
Take a moment.