One of my Old Ego Stories has been “Life is a struggle.”   I lived that Story for a very long time.  There came a point, however, when the struggle I was playing out was so burdensome, I couldn’t breathe.  I couldn’t think or make sense of anything in my life…and I had no choice but to let go of all the things I was trying to control to maintain some sense of “order.”

But, in reality, life just isn’t always “orderly.”  Sometimes people leave; sometimes loved ones get sick; sometimes we lose our jobs; sometimes the unthinkable happens, a plane crashes into the World Trade Tower…

I was figuratively on the ground, couldn’t be any lower, tears streaming down my face, clothes soaked with blood and sweat, body broken…there was nothing for me to do…and no longer anything for me to “hold on to.”  Everything I was holding onto before for safety and security had been stripped away.  Truthfully, it was all an illusion anyway.

I let go.

And after a lifetime of believing that Universal Love/God only existed for all the others who really needed it; I risked letting go of the reins, and began to open to the possibility that I, like every other human being on the planet, was also a part of the Natural Flow of Life, and that trying to “control” anything other than my inner experience was a fruitless and unnecessary endeavor since the Universe naturally flows toward health, goodness and well being on its own.

A space opened up where my Story used to be.

Soon, the Universe began filling that gap with seeds of potential.  Potential for a more expanded, Essence-Centered future.

I began asking the Universe for comfort and support; yes, I began to pray.   The more I asked for guidance, the more I opened to receiving it, the more visible became the signposts.

Someone would recommend a book that resonated exactly with where I was at the time…

I’d have an insight while meditating about the next practical step I needed to take…

Numerous acts of Nature would show up before my eyes, including a deer prancing through my backyard in the middle of the day; a family of armadillos marching through my garden; bald eagle, hawk, owl, manatee and dolphin sightings, perfectly timed for me to notice them, and perfectly aligned with the thoughts floating through my mind…

I imagined moving my office space to another location and my thought was, “I just need a small office to rent.”  That very day, I drove past a sign on a main road that literally read: “Small office to rent” with a phone number to call…

I paid attention.

I began participating in my life, rather than attempting to control it…

I took actions based on the guidance I was receiving.

I  began to reconnect with my intuition which had been so silenced by the very loud Stories that had been taking up so much space in my mind, my body, my life.

I could feel myself lightening up, I could feel my confidence building.  Not the confidence that said “I am strong and powerful and in charge,” but a much softer and simpler knowing, “I am, and all is, well.”  I just knew it.  And the more I knew it and received it, the more I loosened my grip on the wheel, and allowed the Universe to continue to guide me…

Things seemed to fall into place.  Life began to unfold; and I allowed it to do so…

I breath easier now.  I feel lighter now.  I rarely feel alone, even when I feel lonely.

Of course, don’t get the impression that I no longer have stress in my life, or that bad things don’t happen anymore; trust me, there is still plenty of stress to navigate, and painful circumstances continue to show up; this is just the nature of the world we live in.

However, with this much more receptive, curious, open-armed, open-hearted, stance I hold; I am releasing and letting go more and more of that which no longer serves me.

Beneath any pain that I feel is a continued knowing that I am, and all is, well.

Sometimes it gets dark; sometimes a Story shows up that is so familiar, I can feel it trying to draw me in.

Yet, even if I do lose my footing for a bit; I have a clearer plan about how to get back on my path…

But I had to let go in order to find my more accurate and aligned course.

What are you struggling with today?

Is here something you are holding on to that keeps you in an Old Story?

Letting go can be scary, yes.   Not knowing what is next can be unnerving, true.

But what is the alternative?

Remaining stuck as a Character in a role that has not served you for a very long time?

Leaving you feeling anxious, afraid, powerless, hopeless, resigned, angry, resentful?

Today, let us dig deep and be honest with ourselves.

What are you holding onto?

Are you ready to let go?

When you let go of the struggle to stay afloat; you float.”
~ Sea of Love


I am brilliant;

I am magnificent;

I am a being of Love and Light.

I am here to bring my Essence Self to every experience of my Life.

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