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Essence Boot Camp:  12 Weeks to a More Authentic Life.

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Are you ready for results?

tree-heartIf you are serious about changing your perspective, changing your relationships, changing the quality of your LIFE, we are offering a 12 week program just for you.

It doesn’t matter if you are single or coupled; male or female; gay or straight; or somewhere in between all of these, Life is all about Relationships.

In our personal lives as well as in our ever-expanding relationships to our neighbors within our own communities, our country, or the global community at large…

But if we do not know how to have a meaningful and authentic relationship with the one person who has been and will always be with us for the rest of our lives, ourselves, our relationships with everyone else will be forever limited, always missing something.

When we understand that we all, as human beings, each have 2 distinct parts of ourselves that vie for the Driver’s position, we are primed to change the course of our Lives and create a future that is more meaningful, satisfying, healthy, connected and loving.

Those two parts within us all are what we call the Essence and the Ego.

At the center of Who We Are, is our Essence Self. That part of us that is infused with Love and the intelligence of the Universe, and the purest, most unlimited potential that is the birthright of each and every one of us.

When we live in alignment with our Essence Self, we feel light, optimistic, creative, inspired and connected, living on purpose, knowing all is well, even when the external world around us looks and feels “crazy!”

On the other hand,

The Ego Self is that part of us that was developed in our young Minds at an early time in our lives when we had to find a way to make sense of things that just didn’t make sense.

In those earlier times, fueled by Fear, our Ego came up with stories that helped us to survive then, and these Stories are still there in our minds, though they no longer serve us; we are no longer children, we are no longer dependent nor powerless.

In the world we live in, it is easy to get stuck on Auto-Pilot; where the Ego is in the driver’s seat, making very unconscious choices based on Reactivity and Fear…

There are profound effects that come from the ability to unhook from Ego, re-connect with Essence, and bring Authenticity to all areas of life…

…doing so can literally change the quality of your Life for the better.

These kinds of changes have been witnessed with many, many of our clients, as well as in the my own personal experience.

It is possible to live with Peace of Mind even in the face of the stressors of our daily human lives…

Are you intrigued yet?

Now, hold on…Because, of course, if you really want to shift paradigms, you know it ain’t gonna be easy!


This program will stretch you.

It will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone.

It will hold you accountable for your own experience.

So yes, it will take effort, and at times it will be uncomfortable.

Because what this program will also do is:

Provide the knowledge and understanding you will need to truly see what has been keeping you stuck.

Offer resources and tools to help you stay on track in your learning, including Daily Reminders and Action Steps;

Create an emotionally safe space for you when you stumble through your imperfections;

Link you with a support system of like-minded others who are on a similar path;

Set you up with a therapist who will act also as a mentor to guide you through the ups and downs the program will generate.

And, ultimately, help you to create Essence-Centered Change and usher you into the next New and Improved Story of your Life.

kirsy-figueroa-1621265_960_720As a bonus, you will also be positively influencing the energy of everyone around you…which will have a ripple effect, expanding into the energy of the planet itself!

Be assured, the Essence Boot Camp is not for sissies…only for Warriors of the Heart!


Come to one of our Information Meetings and see if you might be ready to commit to:

  • An initial group Orientation Meeting;
  • Three Modules of 4 weekly segments for a total of 12 weeks of focused practice, consisting of either an individual 50 minute or couples’ 75 minute meeting once per week for 3 weeks;
  • A 2 hour Group Meeting every 4th week;
  • Practicing Daily Action Steps;
  • An Investment of $600 per Module (4 Segments/Weeks each) for a total of 3 Modules…

…This program will Connect you to your Essence, center you in your Heart, and elevate the quality of every interaction you have, and every experience of your Life.

For more information contact us.