New Year/New You 2 Power Moves for Creating a Life that Fulfills You

It’s that time again – a new year! And with the new year comes another shining opportunity to create a new beginning. What areas of your life could use some tweaking in order to experience your ultimate fulfillment? A little honest reflection – combined with innovative brainstorming and intentional action –can, and will, change your life.

In other words, you simply have to be conscious about the choices you’re making. (And that just happens to be our specialty!)

So here are two power moves to get the year started out on the right foot.

  1. Let go (of what no longer serves you.) You can’t rise to new heights without a certain lightness of spirit and this may require releasing things that are weighing down. These things can take many forms, including:

Ideas – Sometimes our own expectations can be causing us distress without our conscious awareness. Ask yourself “is this idea serving me?” If it’s hurting your relationships or hampering your sense of well-being then consider challenging its validity. The one thing we do have control over is our own thoughts so if an outdated notion is causing you distress, change it. It’s not only possible, but practical.

People – While creating some space from particularly toxic individuals may be necessary, simply exercising healthy boundaries can often be enough. It’s okay to set limits and make your preferences known. The key is to utilize effective communication skills through clearly addressing the area of issue, diffusing defensiveness, and offering compassion and compromise to others whenever possible. If these are not current areas of strength for you, don’t worry. With the right guidance, there are tangible techniques you can

learn to help you improve your relationships with others.

Things – It’s been said that everything we own claims a small portion of our mind. If that is indeed the case, then it’s no wonder we often feel overwhelmed. The simple act of clearing out the clutter in your environment can feel incredibly freeing. Survey your surroundings with an eye for the unnecessary. If you don’t love it, toss it! (Or better yet, donate it to someone who may really appreciate it.)


  1. Reach up (toward more authentic expression.) It’s easy to become so occupied by fulfilling our obligations that we forget to create a vision of who we want to be. Yet, keeping this focus is crucial to our own growth and fulfillment. In the new year, you might want to consider fine-tuning:

Your HealthThis is easily the number one New Year’s resolution and it only makes sense. Our bodies are our vehicles – and feeling strong, healthy and confident will only help to make life’s journey easier. Small steps in the right direction can equal huge leaps forward over time. What’s one small thing you could begin doing to improve your health today?

Your energy expenditure – The truth is there’s only so much energy to go around so being intentional about the areas of your life that deserve your time and energy can be transformational. This may require saying no to some activities – or even people – who may have become energy vampires. Re-evaluate where you spend your energy just as you would your money. Ask yourself, ‘Is this worth the investment?’

Your sense of peace – Ultimately, this may be the one yearning that we all share – to attain an inner sense of peace and contentment.  While attending to all of the previous suggestions can actually help us to find greater peace, maintaining it will require conscious effort. In order to stay peaceful in a chaotic world we must honor peace through practicing self-care, reconnecting with simple pleasures and embracing moments of serenity when we can find them. Even carving out 5-10 minutes of personal time a day can be restorative

In truth, every day is a new beginning. Positive changes don’t have to correspond with any specific date on the calendar. The important thing is that you’re ready. One wonderful thing about our modern world is that support and solutions abound. So who do you want to be this year – and for the rest of your life? There’s no time like the present to begin building a more healthy, happy and essence-centered you. What are you waiting for?

Marci Wise, M.A., is a Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern and motivational author who specializes in personal empowerment. She is currently accepting clients on Wednesday’s at Conscious Choices in Naples. If you would like to schedule an appointment with her, or one of our other counselors, please call 239-434-5855.