Loving Kindness Meditation Retreat. 8/6/16.

Love overcomes Fear…and it will transform Hate.

 Meditation Retreat…

Saturday, August 6, 2016.  10 am – 4 pm: Unity of Naples

Sri Lankan Buddhist monk, Bhante Dhammawansha is coming to Naples from the Dhamma Wheel Meditation Center  in Clearwater.  Born in the district of Kandy, Sri Lanka, Bhante Dhammawansha became a monk at the age of 16. He studied at the Buddhist University where he received a B.A. degree in Buddhism, History, Ethics and the languages of Sanskrit and Pali.

His travels have taken him to Scandinavia, Russia, Australia, India, Nepal and Thailand where he has taught the Dhamma (the truth taught by the Buddha). He traveled to the U.S.A. for a personal retreat in 1996 and now conducts buddhist counseling, engages in social and interfaith work, and presents dhamma talks all over the country.

We are honored to have his presence with us, and to sponsor a Meditation Retreat for those who know that the way to transform the negativity and hatred in the world is through choosing to express Love in every interaction with everyone we come in contact with, every moment, every day.

Bhante embodies this principle which is why our planning his visit is so perfectly timed.   Is the timing right for you?  Are you ready to join us in the presence of his Light (which of course, is a also reflection of your Light)?

This wonderful event will take place on the beautiful grounds of Unity in Naples, 200o Unity Way, Naples, FL.

Bhante DhammawanshaPlease join us for a day of:

  • Dhamma talk about loving kindness in all our relationships,
  • Silent meditation,
  • Walking meditation,
  • Chanting,
  • Open discussion and Q&A,
  • Blessing service
  • Private sessions available by appointment.

We hope you will feel enlightened and inspired by your time spent with Bhante.

Coffee, tea, water, morning snacks will be provided; and a light lunch will be served.

Suggested fee for the full program is $75.

Private consultations will be available by appointment only. Suggested donation for 30 minute consultation is $50.

To reserve your seat and to schedule a private consultation click here.