Dear Intentional Being.

Begin with a conscious breath…in….and allowing it to flow out…bring yourself into awareness, and open yourself to an intentional space…

Today, let us hold an intention to express the Truth of Who We Are as often as possible today…

Can you choose a few Qualities from your Essence of Me list, and focus on being that quality throughout the day?

Take a look at your list.

If you don’t have it readily available, bring yourself into an awareness of a few of your most prominent Essence qualities. 

Perhaps –

I am Kind, or

I am Thoughtful, or

I am Understanding, or

I am Generous…

Not always easy to express one hundred percent of the time, but most of us would probably have these qualities on our list.

Now, let’s pick a few that some of us might have difficulty tapping into all the time, but which we might definitely aspire to express more often.

For instance,

I am Patient, or

I am Forgiving, or

I am Beautiful, or

I am Confident…

Today, can you choose to shift into these qualities when you notice that you are going astray?  When you feel yourself out of alignment with your Authentic Self?

You know what that feels like, don’t you?  Something feels off.  Your mind is not clear.  Things don’t feel “clean,” the edges don’t feel smooth…What else?  How would you describe that feeling when you know that you are not being True to your authentic self?

You may still be learning how to discern between the inner feeling of being aligned with the energy of your Essence Self versus being aligned with the energy of an Old Ego Story.  That is ok; you are practicing, and soon it will take very little effort to tell the difference.

Pay attention today.  Notice when you are off.  Notice what the feeling is when you are.  Regardless of the trigger; whether your customer is not returning your calls, or your partner is late for dinner, or you’ve gained a few pounds or you have made a big mistake at work…

You might be feeling – 

Impatient, or

Blaming, or

Ugly, or


Nowlone of these qualities are Essence aligned.  So, when you feel off, first make a choice to re-align with the Truth of Who You Are.

Then take a moment, close your eyes and take a conscious breath, bringing yourself to a memory of what the desired Essence quality feels like. 

I am Patient,

I am Forgiving,

I am Beautiful,

I am Confident…

Bring the memory into your physical awareness, feel the feeling of it in your body. 

Imagine yourself in a prior experience of being Patient – feel what that feel like, inside and out…

Or being Forgiving – feel that…

You get the idea…

Take the time to not just remember in your head, but feel the feeling fully in your body…

With practice, you can bring yourself into any Essence quality you wish.  If you can imagine it, if you can desire it, it already exists within you.  It is then only a matter of practicing over time to bring these qualities into your experience more and more often.

So, let us hold an intention today to practice consciously choosing to express as many Essence qualities as we can, especially, the ones that are most challenging to connect with. 

Remember Who You Are – if you can imagine the qualities of your Essence; they already exist within you.

Today, let us choose to open up access to even the most elusive ones…

“When things do not go your way, remember that every challenge — every adversity — contains within it the seeds of opportunity and growth.”            ~ Roy T. Bennett

Breathe consciously, know there is a purpose, and remember:

I am brilliant;

I am magnificent;

I am a being of Love and Light.

I am here to bring my Essence Self to the world.

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