Danielle Moseley

Danielle Moseley, Office Assistant


Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL.
Graduated 2011 with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a minor in Child Development.


Born in Pennsylvania but raised in Florida since I was four, I call Naples, FL my home. Before I knew what the words “psychology” and “mental health” meant, I was curious how each individual seemed so different and complex. Why, as a child, was I content with keeping occupied in solitude while other children always seemed to find happiness in the company of others? Why was one school teacher open and excited to teach, while the other was uptight and seemingly unhappy? It was only in my late adolescence that I realized we are more alike than not. My AP Psychology course in high school was the first time I was exposed to the findings of human beings’ complex behavior in an academic setting, and I quickly became fascinated. This fascination is the reason I chose to study it in college, but first-hand experiences with self-discovery and human interactions has kept my interest strong.

After receiving my undergraduate degree, I was excited to take a year off from my studies so I could travel and re-energize before the big graduate school commitment. My grandfather passed several months later however, so I left Tallahassee to live in Naples with my family. One year off turned into two, three, and counting. I looked for positions in the mental health field but became discouraged after quite a few failed attempts at jobs that required skills beyond my current training. I settled for jobs that I was anxious to leave and tried to counter balance by volunteering for a crisis hotline and taking online courses related to psychology. This past January, I decided to let go of my fear of rejection and again look for a position I could enjoy and grow from. A search online led me to Conscious Choices website almost immediately, and after reading through several pages, I knew I wanted to be a part of this team.

Working at Conscious Choices continues to challenge my pre-existing thoughts daily regarding myself, the human experience, how we’re all connected and how we can learn from this connection through awareness. Prior to joining Conscious Choices, I had a somewhat black and white picture of what I thought a counselor should be. I thought that the best schooling and money equated to a successful counseling career. I thought that when choosing a graduate school, it should have a certain reputation and accreditation. While education is surely important, a therapist doesn’t have to acquire a certain title or believe in one school-taught method of counseling to be of help. What resonates is the love and compassion to help others. Being around genuine, loving, and open-minded individuals who enjoy their profession inspires me every day to pursue a career in the healing arts.

I plan to continue my journey and education through studying music therapy, eventually becoming a music therapist so I can help a wide range of people, such as those with learning disabilities, communication disorders, and other cognitive impairments. Traditional talk therapy can produce wonderful results but for those who need a more comprehensive approach, music therapy can be an advantage. As a lifetime lover of and an active participant in music, I realize the effect of music’s healing and teaching powers.

That aside, being here at Conscious Choices has helped me realize the importance of the healing process within all of us, that it takes active participation by constantly staying true to ourselves. Sometimes we have to dig a bit deeper to discover who our authentic self is, and leave conventional paths in the dust if it is not what best suits our personal well-being. In the past I was stuck on the traditional path/fastest way to be successful route, ignoring my intuition and letting others’ opinions dictate what I did or didn’t do. My role here is a constant reminder that I am where I’m supposed to be in life as long as I’m being true to myself. Being my authentic self means pursuing a career in music therapy down the line, yet I can’t imagine a more rewarding and true-to-self experience than the one I’m having right now at Conscious Choices.