Conscious Conversations Series: Heart Talk for Women. 9/16/16.

Conscious Conversations Series:  Heart Talk for Women.

Third Friday of the Month.  2:00 – 4:00 pm.  Beginning September 16, 2016.


Are you a woman who knows that you have the power to change the quality of the world by bringing loving kindness into your own life?

Do you want to deepen your own connection to your heart because you know it will change the quality of all your experiences?

Are you looking for a place to explore questions about expanding the delicious-ness and wonder of your life?

Do you want to bring your heart connection into all of your relationships?

Would you like to participate in a conscious conversation with like-minded women within the community?

Add authentic conversation to genuine presence by a group of open-hearted women, and you have the ingredients for a…
  • powerful,
  • healing,
  • creative,
  • and inspiring…

…afternoon of

  • sharing,
  • listening,
  • supporting,
  • and learning.

If any of this resonates for you, come join us, a team of imperfectly perfect, vulnerable and empowered,  curious and wise,  fallible and learning, team of therapists who also want to change the world, one relationship at a time.

We will guide these Conscious Conversations with love and direction, and a willingness to be vulnerable with all of you.

This will not be a typical support group.  Although we will support you in your process, and we will discuss the topics at hand, we will also bring a depth of understanding and exploration that will give you an opportunity to move through some of your stuck places…

If you feel called to join us, or just would like more information, click here.

Let’s create a heart-centered sister-hood

We can change the world one relationship at a time…

free globe we are one


Come be a part of this prototype group.  It will be an ever-evolving process as we flow with the energy of all the women involved.

Suggested fee is $20 per meeting, though no one will ever be turned away for lack of funds.

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