Conscious Conversation: Essence & Ego, Nah.

Conscious Relationships.  I want one.

Wednesday, October 21.  6:00 pm.

Of course, Essence and Ego are important aspects of our human-ness, but it would seem that there are other issues that are more pressing…

For instance, feeling loved, feeling valued, feeling respected and supported within a relationship – while also feeling so open-hearted as to want to generously give our partners the same…yet, why is this so challenging?

If you long for connection with your mate, and sometimes have trouble feeling it; whether it is because your partner is blocking it, or you are, or more likely, both of you; come join this conversation.

Because of very limited response to our original topic of this evening’s Conversation, “Essence & Ego,” we decided to adjust the topic and instead, discuss your questions about Conscious Relationships…

(Disclaimer, no promises that Essence and Ego won’t be part of the conversation!)

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Send us your questions.  Bring them with you.  “Let’s tawk.”

And let’s get this conversation started…

(Suggested donation $10 to cover our costs.  No one ever turned away for lack of funds).