Conscious Choices Community – Online.

Most of us know how great it is to feel connected to a community of like-minded people.  How feeling connected helps us to not feel so alone, and reminds us of the deeper connection we have to Source Energy, Nature, Life Force, or what you may call God.
Whatever you call this Universal energy, when we feel disconnected from it, we can experience hopelessness, fear, worry, stress and overwhelm…
So how can we stay connected when our lives are so busy?  Sometimes, no matter how well intentioned, getting to church, going to a Meet Up Group, a spiritual conference, seminar or retreat, can be difficult to fit into an already jam-packed schedule.
What if you had someplace to connect whenever you had an opportunity?  What if there was a place to communicate with your “tribe” any time you felt the desire to plug in to your Essence Self?
You know there already is a place, right?  If you are on FaceBook, you know you can connect any time.  But the question is, what are you connecting to?
Does it feed your Soul?
Does it help you remember Who You Are?
Does it nurture your Essence Self?
Does it help you express your Best Self as often as you can?
Our Conscious Choices Community FaceBook Group is being created to provide a space for all of this…and more!
Uplifting.  Unconditional.  Open.  Inspiring.
Bring your fears, and together we will turn them into hopes.
Bring your questions, and together we will search for answers.
Bring your confusion and together we will seek clarity.
Bring your challenges and together we will hold each other’s hands and walk the walk.
Bring your successes and together we will cheer you on!
We are here.
So click here to request your membership, and let’s get the Community going…

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