Book Group: You Can Heal Your Life. 8 Weeks. Wednesday 10/26/16

Book Group:  You Can Heal Your Life, by Louise Hay.

Do you find yourself seeking love and acceptance from others, but can’t seem to find them within for yourself?

What if you could tap into the knowledge that you are loved and accepted from the inside out?

We grow up developing beliefs about ourselves based on our early life experiences.  As children, we did not have the ability to understand the world around us; to make sense of the seeming inexplicable experiences we had.  So the only option was to create “stories” that revolved around ourselves.

If our parents had to work, and so one or both of them weren’t home a lot, we may have created the story that “I am not important enough for my parent to be around, so in order to be seen and valued, I will strive for perfection.”

Or if our parents were fighting a lot, we might have made sense of their behavior by coming up with a story that says, “It must be my fault they are angry, and so in order not to upset them, I will remain quiet and never have any needs.”

There are a myriad of stories we come up with get ourselves through the confusion of being a powerless, dependent little person who did not have a cognitive abilities to understand circumstances beyond our own experiences.

Unfortunatley, the stories stay with us unconsciously, and once we become adults, they don’t work any more to help us feel “safe.”  In fact, instead, they can wind up causing more stress, anxiety and depression – until we bring them into the light of consciousness.

And once we do this, we can create new, improved and much more true and authentic stories.  Then we can truly Heal Our Lives.

Join Alicia Cook for this 8 week Book Group.

Alicia will facilitate a discussion about the amazing process of healing that Louise Hay developed many years ago with her first book about taking our lives into our own hands and empowering ourselves to heal and emerge from the dark and stuck places of unconscious, old stories.

The group will be held on Mondays from 5:00 – 6:30, starting on January 2 and finishing on February 27.

Click here to buy the book from Amazon.  Or you can purchase it at your local book store.

Cost is $80 for the full 8 classes.

There are a limited number of seats for this group, so don’t wait.

Click here to register. 

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